TR Pro+™ 10g


A hydrogel that helps damaged skin by creating an environment that supports the healing process.

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Beta-glucan (Glucoprime® 0.1%), carbomer, titanium dioxide, water, triethanolamine

How to Use

Detailed usage directions on your specific procedure can be downloaded here:

TR Pro+ Product Brochure

TR Pro+ Consumer Information


General Instructions

On Day 1, rinse the treated areas with sterile water. Apply a generous layer of TR Pro+™ similar to the application of a mask (approximately 2 mm thick, or the thickness of a 20 cent coin) and allow the gel to absorb. The area can be covered with a loose dressing if appropriate.

On Days 2-5, rinse the affected area, apply TR Pro+™ in the evening and leave overnight. After showering in the morning, apply moisturiser as necessary throughout the day if the skin surface feels dry and is intact.

After 5 days, and subject to advice from your healthcare professional, TR Pro+™ can be applied twice weekly. Where scarring may occur, TR Pro+™ can continue to be used for up to 90 days as the hydrating properties of TR Pro+™ may have a positive benefit on normal scar formation.

When applying TR Pro+™ there may be a brief mild stinging sensation before the cooling effect of the gel becomes apparent, at which time there may also be a feeling of skin tightening which is normal. Use moisturiser through the day on intact skin if necessary.


TR Pro+™ can assist healing where skin has been damaged or wounded (eg: biopsy, skin cancer removal, cosmetic and medical procedures). TR Pro+™ forms a thin biofilm protective layer, can relieve itching and discomfort, and is able to hydrate the skin to assist healing.

Shipping & Delivery

FREE SHIPPING for retail orders of 3 or more tubes (Australia and NZ-wide)

$12 FLAT RATE SHIPPING for all other orders including wholesale (Australia and NZ-wide)

The Science Behind TR Pro+™

β-glucan is a long chain of repeating carbohydrate sugar molecules (ie; a “polysaccharide”) found naturally in many cereals, oats, grains, yeasts, and mushrooms. Although this ingredient may just now be taking hold in the skincare world, it’s been studied extensively for the past 50 years at hospitals and clinics around the world due to its profound effect on skin.

TR Pro+™ protects the skin from external stressors and irritation by increasing your skin’s natural barrier and preventing harmful bacteria or pollution from making their way into your skin. Its ability to penetrate deep into the skin can reduce the redness and irritation caused after cosmetic treatments.
Wrinkle formation is one of the main signs of ageing and the major cause of fine wrinkles is the loss of structural protein, or collagen, in the dermal layer of skin.  β-glucans similar to those in TR Pro+™ have been found to reduce all wrinkles (including deep wrinkles) as well reduce the average peak and roughness. β-glucans have also been shown to have potent antioxidant properties. 
Skin Irritation
Reduce skin irritation
The water content of the stratum corneum and skin surface is important in the appearance and function of skin (Cheng et al, 2007).  β-glucans similar to TR Pro+™ have been shown to be able to enter the stratum corneum and epidermis and penetrate into the dermis to improve hydration, making the skin moist, smooth and soft  (Kim et al, 2018). 
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